Skreens brings every connected surface to life

Skreens is the next generation Video/Machine Learning Platform for Linux systems with Xilinx FPGA acceleration.

What is Skreens

Skreens is a SaaS cloud-based visual engine that lets you build personalized experiences for any display, harnessing the latest in accelerated cloud video computation to deliver real-time, encoded video and interactive content to any output.

Cloud-Based API

RESTful API allows service and content providers to integrate the power of Skreens video processing across their solutions.

Real-Time Control

Integrate the Skreens controller with your app or website to drag, drop, and arrange interfaces without interruption.

One Encoder per Person

No set-top box necessary. Skreens' innovative cloud encoding allows for limitless personalization of digital media.

Machine Learning

Apply off-the-shelf or custom algorithms to analyze video frame-by-frame, taking action as appropriate to prioritize content or dynamically update displays.

Interactive Multi-Layering

Combine, customize and arrange any video, web content, advertising or interactive inputs using our patented multi-layering technology.

Powered by Xilinx

The best video processing, now on the cloud. Skreens makes the most recent programmable-chip acceleration accessible for any service without hardware upgrades.

Application of Skreens

Skreens is reimagining how society experiences digital content.


From interactive way-finding to critical security systems, Skreens will help Smart Cities become reality.


Watch every game while simultaneously tracking interactive stats, social, fantasy, and highlights from the same screen.


Giving professionals new tools to work, advertise, and collaborate across the globe without losing a step.


Aggregate and manage all your connected devices, appliances, and cameras with ease.

See Skreens in Action!

Where to find Skreens

Skreens is currently accessible through public cloud providers and FPGA equipped on premise applications

Public Cloud Providers

Skreens running on AWS

Now with Amazon EC2 F1 instances, Skreens can be run with AWS.

Skreens and Nimbix

Nimbix’s FPGA enabled cloud with Xilinx Virtex UltraScale+ allows Skreens to perform seamlessly

FPGA equipped on premise applications

Skreens and the Xilinx Alveo™

Xilinx® Alveo™ Data Center accelerator cards are designed to meet the constantly changing needs of the Modern Data Center, providing an order of magnitude performance increase over CPUs for key workloads. Built on the Xilinx 16nm UltraScale™ architecture, Alveo accelerator cards are adaptable to changing acceleration requirements and algorithm standards.

Enabling Alveo accelerator cards is an ecosystem of applications for common Data Center workloads. Skreens provides applications for Alveo accelerator cards in machine learning inference and video processing.

Looking for more information?

If you would like to learn more, get a demo or indicate interest now in being part of our Beta. Please contact us below.

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